MedM Welcomes Vishnu Saxena in Advisory Board

March 23, 2016

MedM is pleased to announce that Mr. Vishnu Saxena is joining the company’s Advisory Board effective today. Mr. Saxena brings wealth of experience in Healthcare IT and we are extremely optimistic about leveraging Mr Saxena’s experience, skills, and knowledge and looking forward to years of collaboration.

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MedM is a proud member of Health IT Connections at NJIT

February 11, 2016

MedM is glad to announce that it got accepted to the Health IT Connections program at NJIT. We really appreciate the insights and industry access that the program provides. We are all looking forward to use this opportunity to boost our customer and partner base and make sure we are on track for the future growth.

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Christmas App Update

December 22, 2015

MedM wishes everyone Merry Christmas and everything best for 2016. We have been working hard recently to push updates for all our apps - MedM Health and MedM Blood Pressure - into all App Stores. A lot of new features and fixes are available now - enjoy more medical devices, editing manually entered readings, and a lot more. And stay tuned - more announcements coming early 2016.

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Awesome Sybercare Blood Glucose Meter supported

December 21, 2015

We are working hard to bring as many medical devices as we can into the platform. Please welcome the new addition - Sybercare Blood Glucose Meter. You will like not only the way it works, but also how it looks!

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Support for Roche ACCU-CHEK Performa Connect

December 15, 2015

MedM Platform just got one more device and device manufacturer in its compatibility list - we now have full support for Roche ACCU-CHECK Performa Connect glucose meter. This allows for even more device options for our users and customers.

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