Founded in 2012, MedM is the maker of award-winning remote care SaaS platform and family health monitoring apps. MedM software enables data collection from 600+ of health IoT devices, sensors, and wearables, it is hosting- and platform-agnostic, and can be rapidly deployed as white-label solutions by care providers, device vendors, and system integrators in a matter of weeks.

Latest MedM News

January 11, 2023

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for Asthma and COPD: FindAir Smart Inhaler Add-on Integrated with MedM Platform

The FindAir ONE family of inhaler add-ons is designed to automatically record data on each medication intake: dosages, time and optionally location. Now integrated with the MedM connected health platform, FindAir ONE devices ca...

May 31, 2022

Health Monitoring Platform of the Year Awarded to US-based MedM

MedM receives the Health Monitoring Platform of the Year award from Corporate LiveWire. In 2022, winners of the Global Awards were selected from among 24 000+ nominations received from 32 countries. The panel of judges has sing...

March 25, 2022

Top RPM Provider MedM Integrates 6 Health Monitoring Devices by Viatom

MedM – the most connected white-label remote care software platform in the world – is proud to announce integration with six innovative home medical devices by Viatom. The Vital Signs Monitor Checkme Pro, the wireless upper arm...

Connectivity DeviceKit SDK

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • 600+ medical devices supported
  • 18 measurement types
  • 100+ medical device vendors
  • Fully documented with sample code
  • SLA-based maintenance plans available
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Health Monitoring Apps

  • Top notch personal health diary apps
  • Hundreds of connected sensors
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Offline mode without registration
  • Online mode for backup & sharing
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White Label RPM Platform

  • Real-time view & access to patient information
  • Trend graphs, thresholds, reminders, reports, etc.
  • Cloud or hosted editions
  • EMR / EHR integration APIs
  • HIPAA-compliant scalable medical data storage
  • White label
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RPM Hub Middleware

  • Compatible with all MedM-supported sensors
  • Perfect for unattended data collection & transmission
  • Can simultaneously receive data from 4-8 medical devices
  • Available as a part of MedM RPM solution
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