List of Remote Health Monitoring Devices

MedM's RPM platform and personal health monitoring diary apps are compatible with hundreds of IoT smart medical meters, monitors, sensors, trackers, and wearables. Currently, MedM's compatibility portfolio includes 800+ device models from 150 vendors, and this list is continually growing. To find sensor models that work best for you - please consult the list of supported health monitoring and RPM devices below.


Remote patient monitoring or RPM devices and smart home-based health monitoring meters enable caregivers and self-monitoring individuals to log, track, analyze, and share health data. The ultimate goal of health and wellness monitoring is to manage acute or chronic conditions, achieve personal health goals, and improve quality of life.  


Most supported devices allow for direct Bluetooth connectivity and are available in the free basic version of MedM B2C apps, even without registration. Note that only devices using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol are compatible with iOS. MedM Premium Members can also take advantage of the data sync option, which allows for app-to-app and cloud-to-cloud integration with devices such as Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, and all Android smartwatches compatible with Google's Health Connect and Google Fit. 


MedM invites device manufacturers and resellers from around the world to partner with us in providing the best possible experience for our joint users. For inquiries about integrating meters with the MedM health monitoring platform, please contact us at MedM is also happy to offer assistance to our RPM and SDK customers in selecting the best remote patient monitoring devices that are optimal for their program needs.

MedM Apps Offer the Following Data Sync Options:
Apple Health
Google Fit
Health Connect
Garmin Connect
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