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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for Asthma and COPD: FindAir Smart Inhaler Add-on Integrated with MedM Platform

January 11, 2023

The FindAir ONE family of inhaler add-ons is designed to automatically record data on each medication intake: dosages, time and optionally location. Now integrated with the MedM connected health platform, FindAir ONE devices can function as a remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) tool for managing asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Health Monitoring Platform of the Year Awarded to US-based MedM

May 31, 2022

MedM receives the Health Monitoring Platform of the Year award from Corporate LiveWire. In 2022, winners of the Global Awards were selected from among 24 000+ nominations received from 32 countries. The panel of judges has singled MedM out for the company’s investment in ensuring compatibility with an unmatched number of personal medical devices. MedM RPM software works with over 600 IoT peripheral sensors and wearables, providing users and caregivers with utmost flexibility.

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Top RPM Provider MedM Integrates 6 Health Monitoring Devices by Viatom

March 25, 2022

MedM – the most connected white-label remote care software platform in the world – is proud to announce integration with six innovative home medical devices by Viatom. The Vital Signs Monitor Checkme Pro, the wireless upper arm blood pressure monitor Armfit+, the portable ECG monitor DuoEK™ S, the fingertip pulse oximeter FS20F, the infrared thermometer AOJ-20A, and the sleep wrist oxygen monitor SleepU are now ready to be part of RPM deployments, anywhere in the world.

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Portable 8-Lead ECG Monitor by D-Heart® is Added to MedM RPM Platform for In-Home Cardiac Monitoring

February 09, 2022

D-Heart® is a medical grade portable ECG device that is small, lightweight (196 grams), simple to use, and clinically reliable. This wireless smartphone ECG monitor can now be used for in-the-home cardiovascular monitoring as part of MedM Remote Care platform.

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Leading Virtual Care Platform Provider Life365 Strengthens Partnership with MedM

January 12, 2022

Life365, a leading virtual care platform provider, announced a closer partnership with MedM, a connected health solution provider enabling interoperability between front-end medical devices and the Life365 agnostic device platform.

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