MedM News and Market Insights in RPM Software and Connected Health

BETACHEK® C50 Joins the MedM Health & Care Ecosystem

December 22, 2021

The strip-free BETACHEK® C50 blood glucose monitoring system joins the MedM Ecosystem and is now supported by MedM health journaling apps and remote care platform.

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Prothrombin Time Home Testing System by CoaguSense is Connected with MedM Remote Care Platform

November 25, 2021

Measuring of prothrombin time at home can be done with the help of an innovative device - the Coag-Sense® PT/INR Monitoring System by California-based CoaguSense. The product incorporates a novel direct micromechanical clot-detection technology, and is now supported by MedM remote care platform, making it possible to automatically collect test results from patients at home and make this data available to remote caregivers via a cloud service.

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Community Wellness Health Monitoring Service for Older Individuals is Supported by MedM Technology

November 08, 2021

Community Wellness - a digital health company focused on empowering people to achieve better health outcomes - launched RPM Plus service for older adults living with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and related chronic conditions. The company employs MedM technology to automatically collect readings from FDA-approved medical devices and enable users to track vital signs (such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure, glucose level, peak flow, and weight) with the help of a mobile application.

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Core Body Temperature Monitoring Solution by greenTEG is Supported by MedM RPM Platform

October 12, 2021

Core Body Temperature Monitoring Solution by greenTEG – an innovative wearable device that allows a non-invasive and continuous core body temperature measurement under real-life conditions with great accuracy - is now supported by MedM RPM Platform, the most connected remote monitoring solution in the world.

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MedM Claims the Most Connected RPM Software Platform Award

October 05, 2021

MedM RPM has been recognized by GHP Private Healthcare Awards as the Most Connected RPM Software Platform. The company is a global leader in the number of supported devices, offering secure data collection from over 550+ smart medical sensors and delivering an unmatched level of flexibility for white-label RPM deployments.

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