MedM News and Market Insights in RPM Software and Connected Health

Top-ranked ODM Vendor Transtek and Software Maker MedM Team up for RPM

September 07, 2021

Founded in 2002 in China, Transtek Medical Electronics is an acclaimed OEM/ODM vendor with an annual output of over 17 000 000 devices. Holding all the necessary medical certifications in major global markets, the company specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution of an array of products, such as smart blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, thermometers, and activity trackers.

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Five Rossmax Bluetooth Monitoring Devices Supported by MedM RPM Platform

July 16, 2021

Five of Rossmax’s smart Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices are now integrated with the MedM RPM Platform and MedM personal health diary apps: the blood pressure monitor X5, the pulse oximeters SA300, SA310, SB210, and the temple thermometer HC700.

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Sinocare Safe AQ Air Blood Glucose Meter is Supported by MedM App

June 30, 2021

MedM announces partnership with Sinocare - one of the world’s leading diabetes and blood glucose management experts - and integration of its advanced blood glucose meter Safe AQ Air with MedM Health diary app.

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Connected Health Market Trends and Insights. Most Popular Smart Medical Devices of 2021 by MedM

June 16, 2021

As a software company, MedM is uniquely positioned at the center of the Connected Health ecosystem, working closely with the manufacturers and distributers of portable medical devices, RPM service providers, system integrators, caregivers, and end-users. MedM believes that this ecosystem, inherently complex due to the multitude of its stakeholders and workflows, relies on interoperability for balance.

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MedM RPM Platform Showcased at Medicina 5.0 in Buenos Aires

May 25, 2021, Buenos Aires

Medicina 5.0 - an event sponsored by the Argentina Medical Association (AMA) - takes place on June 3-4, 2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Doctors, both specialists and generalists, will gather to discuss the latest innovations and trends in security, data privacy, digital signatures, and the prospects of RPM.

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