December 20, 2023

What are MedM Health Diaries 3.0? The Free, the Premium, the Special Offers

What are MedM Health Diaries 3.0? The Free, the Premium, the Special Offers

Dear MedM Community! Listening closely to your feedback, stories, insights, experiences, and needs, MedM has made the momentous decision to focus on crafting MedM apps and portal as the most powerful people-first health monitoring service available. We want to invest in continually making our health monitoring apps and service better. 

We want to add new measurement types, support more hardware, employ the most sophisticated data protection instruments, introduce new features, simplify the user experience, and while doing all that - stay an independent software developer with a user-centric philosophy. This is why we are introducing MedM Health Diary 3.0 with Premium subscription. Our four other apps - Blood Pressure Diary, Blood Sugar Diary, Smart Weight Diary, and Body Temperature Diary - share the same online health portal and premium subscription, and are to be upgraded to the 3.0 version in the course of the year 2024.

Continued Free Access for All Users  

We want to emphasize that the basic features of MedM Health will remain free and accessible to all:  
- Automatic data collection from MedM-compatible Bluetooth-connected health meters;
- Manual data entry;
- App use with or without registration;
- Online data backups for registered users; 
- Reminders for taking medications & making measurements;
- Configurable dashboard;
- Measurements history, trends, and graphs;
- Data export as CSV reports;
- A two-week free MedM Health Premium trial.

What Do MedM Health Premium Users Get? 

With the introduction of MedM Health Premium we are shifting focus from simply being a great health logbook to becoming a sophisticated family health & wellness management tool, that enhances collaboration between the monitored individual and their support group. Users of MedM Health Premium can: 
- Create multiple health profiles for family (and even pets);
- Sync data with other connected health ecosystems (Apple, Garmin, Google, Fitbit, etc.);
- Invite trusted individuals (via email) to share access to managed health profiles;
- Monitor loved ones (via the app or portal) and support them in taking charge of their health;
- Customize notifications for threshold, reminders, and goals;
- Get special offers from MedM partners.

A Heartfelt “Thank You” and Special Offer for Existing MedM Users 

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we want to express gratitude to our existing users for being an integral part of our community. All MedM users, who have registered accounts and confirmed their email addresses before December 22, 2023 - will receive a special email offer from us: 
- An extended three-months-long free MedM Health Premium trial;
- The possibility to purchase a yearly MedM Health Premium subscription at 1/3 of the price (until February 15, 2024);
- Extend the 1/3 yearly subscription price to their family and friends (until February 15, 2024);
- MedM will continue offering special discounts to our loyal users.

A Special “Thank You” for MedM Prize Giveaway Participants

We would also like to show special appreciation to users who took the time and made the effort to participate in our Give Feedback and Win event (before December 22, 2023), by offering them a free year-long subscription for MedM Health Premium. All qualified participants will receive a special email from MedM. 

We thank MedM users for their continued trust. Please do not hesitate to contact our support service with questions:  

Yours Sincerely, 
The MedM Team 

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