MedM Health Gets Thresholds and Reminders

24 December, 2020

MedM Health - the flagship product of MedM Inc. - is the most connected mobile health diary in the world. A major update in December 2020 equipped the app to work with a dozen more sensors, display device settings at pairing, and allow users to set thresholds for readings and reminders for actions.

The application can automatically collect data from hundreds of fitness and medical devices via Bluetooth, and record the measurements for nine vital signs as well as activity and sleep. Registered users can also export and backup their data to the cloud, as well as print out reports from the MedM Health portal (

Thresholds and reminders were highly anticipated features, requested by many of the active and vocal members of the MedM Health community. Customizable reminders can be set for various repeat intervals and help to make sure that measurements and/or pills are taken on time. Thresholds are there to alert users (their family or caregivers) if measurements for a specific vital sign surpass a set value; in which case, notifications are sent out via push or email.

The MedM Health app is used as the foundation for MedM’s B2B offering to professional telehealth companies: RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) systems and SDK (Medical Device integration library).

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android platforms. More info:

About MedM Inc.

MedM is the global expert in Connected Health Solutions, enabling data collection from 400+ of Health IoT devices, sensors and wearables. The company’s award-winning MedM Platform carries seamless device connectivity, making it the most flexible, stable, and scalable solution for RPM providers, medical device vendors, and system integrators.

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