Remote Patient Monitoring

MedM Platform is a complete Remote Patient Monitoring software package. It includes apps connecting to medical devices, optional fixed gateway (MedM Hub), cloud services, cloud portal, and a set of EMR/EHR integration APIs. It is compatible with more than 350 medical sensors by 50 vendors.

State-of-the-art Patient and Caregiver portal is an integral part of MedM Platform. It allows anywhere and anytime web-based access to Patient Health Information and features historic and realtime data views, trend graphs, thresholds & notifications, reports, and more. Cloud Storage is a HIPAA-compliant scalable medical data storage component available in both Cloud and Hosted editions.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Class I Patient Data Management System (PDMS) according to EU Medical Device Directive. Intended use for non direct diagnostic;
  • Medical Device Data System (MDDS) according to FDA Regulations and thus is an exempt from FDA 510(k) process;
  • Ready for HIPAA-compliant deployment