Remote Patient Monitoring

MedM Platform is an OEM Remote Patient Monitoring software package. It includes Client apps collecting data from users and smart medical devices, an optional gateway (MedM Hub), Server, web portals, and Integration SDKs.

MedM Client Software is compatible with hundreds of smart medical sensors from dozens of vendors and brands.

State-of-the-art Patient and Caregiver portal is an integral part of MedM Platform. It allows anywhere and anytime web-based access to the collected measurement data and features historic data views, trend graphs, thresholds & notifications, reports, and more. MedM Server software is available in both InCloud and Hosted editions and ready for HIPAA and GDPR compliant deployments.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Class I Patient Data Management System (PDMS) according to EU Medical Device Directive. Intended use for non direct diagnostic;
  • Medical Device Data System (MDDS) according to FDA Regulations and thus is an exempt from FDA 510(k) process;
  • Ready for HIPAA-compliant deployment