Top RPM Provider MedM Integrates 6 Health Monitoring Devices by Viatom

March 25, 2022

Top RPM Provider MedM Integrates 6 Health Monitoring Devices by Viatom

Top RPM Provider MedM Integrates 6 Health Monitoring Devices by Viatom

MedM – the most connected white-label remote care software platform in the world – is proud to announce integration with six innovative home medical devices by Viatom. The Vital Signs Monitor Checkme Pro, the wireless upper arm blood pressure monitor Armfit+, the portable ECG monitor DuoEK™ S, the fingertip pulse oximeter FS20F, the infrared thermometer AOJ-20A, and the sleep wrist oxygen monitor SleepU are now ready to be part of RPM deployments, anywhere in the world.

The MedM software platform is available in 15 languages and enables caregivers to remotely monitor patients and track up to 18 physiological data points. MedM’s RPM partners stand to benefit from the platform’s flexibility: they can choose to replace the health monitoring devices used in a program at any time, with no need to republish the apps or upgrade the portal. MedM is happy to share its expert understanding of the device market with its partners, help to identify the optimal medical sensors to use (out of 600+ supported), and make introductions to device vendors for shipment negotiations.

“For decades Viatom has been making devices to help people understand and control their health better,” - comments Victoria Krasilshikova, MedM’s Chief Ecosystem Officer. - “Elegantly designed and easy to use home health monitoring devices boost user adherence in RPM programs, and we are very happy to add Viatom sensors to MedM portfolio and to welcome the company into our ecosystem!”

List of integrated Viatom sensors:

  1. PO3 - SleepU Sleep Wrist Oxygen Monitor
    A wrist SpO2 monitor for nighttime use.
  2. AOJ-20A - Infrared Thermometer
    A non-contact body temperature thermometer, suitable for hospital and home use.
  3. FS20F - Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
    Fingertip SpO2 and heart rate monitor.
  4. DuoEK™ S - Portable ECG monitor ER2
    A mobile ECG monitor with OLED screen.
  5. Checkme Pro - Vital Signs Monitor
    A product designed to be a personal medical adviser that is adapted for use in the home, on the go, or in a medical environment.
  6. Armfit+ BP2
    A wireless one-piece upper arm blood pressure monitor with single-lead ECG, capable of recording blood pressure, pulse rate, and ECG.

All six devices are also supported in the free MedM Health app, which is available in both Google Play and App Store:

About Viatom

Shenzhen Viatom Technology Co., Ltd. is part of the Lepu Medical Group. The company was founded in 1999 and focuses on research, manufacturing, and design of portable health care devices. Viatom has established production, R&D, technical service, and storage bases in Shenzhen, Beijing, Zhongshan, Tianjin, and other locations in China. Aside from various vital signs monitoring equipment, Viatom is also the maker of other fitness and health-related products, which are exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

About MedM Inc.

Founded in 2012, MedM™ is a US-based software company, focused on improving interoperability in the healthcare ecosystem by enabling data collection from 600+ of Health IoT devices, sensors and wearables and channeling it into existing caregiver workflows. The award-winning MedM RPM Platform carries seamless device connectivity, making it the most flexible and fast-to-market white-label software solution for RPM & care providers, medical device vendors, and system integrators.

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