A Health Telemonitoring Platform Based on Data Integration from Different Sources

August 26, 2022

The management of people with long-term or chronic illness is one of the biggest challenges for national health systems. In fact, these diseases are among the leading causes of hospitalization, especially for the elderly, and huge amount of resources required to monitor them leads to problems with sustainability of the healthcare systems. The increasing diffusion of portable devices and new connectivity technologies allows the implementation of telemonitoring system capable of providing support to health care providers and lighten the burden on hospitals and clinics.


We experiment the data acquisition process using two common apps: FatSecret and MedM Health. The first is a food diary app with a very large database of food products with their nutritional values that can be used to collect important data for monitoring a patient’s diet. The second app supports more than 550 medical devices, including: activity tracker, glucometer, electronic sphygmomanometer, scales, saturimeter, sleep tracker, thermometer, and many others.


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