MedM Care: Remote Patient Monitoring SaaS

MedM Care is a brandable mobile RPM app and portal that can be rented as a service. MedM customers can launch remote monitoring programs in a day with the help of the BYOD (bring your own device) approach - effectively collecting health data from patients who use their own smartphones and health monitoring devices at home.

The MedM Care app is designed for chronic disease management, senior & home care, decentralized clinical trials (DCT), pharma research, as well as post-discharge, pregnancy and health & wellness monitoring.  


MedM Remote Patient Monitoring SaaS Main Features:

  • Launch for as low as $100 per month
  • Per-patient-per-month licensing
  • Brandable interface
  • Ease of onboarding and engagement
  • Billing workflow (time tracker, reports, CPT codes for reimbursement)  
  • Rapid start (less than a day)
  • 700+ connectable monitors, sensors and wearables (Bluetooth & cellular)
  • Synchronization with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, and other ecosystems
  • Notifications: push, email, SMS, newsfeed
  • 18 types of measurements
  • Integration API
  • User-specific reminders, thresholds and triggers
  • Patient ID numbers
  • No setup fee
  • Pay as you go

MedM Care can automatically capture up to 18 types of human physiological parameters from over 700 models of Bluetooth-enabled personal health monitors, sensors and wearables. The recorded patient data can then be delivered into RPM portals, hospital dashboards, electronic health records and other monitoring panels.  


MedM RPM Solutions Comparison & Pricing:


Feature / Plan




Branding Limited1 Enhanced2 Custom3
BYOD + + +
Billing Workflow + + +
End-user Support + + Contract
Pay as You Go + + Contract
Integration API - + +
Custom DNS - - +
SMS Notifications - - +
Custom Hosting - - +
Setup Fee - - Contract
Min Monthly Fee $100 $1,000 $5,000
Price per Patient 10$ per month 10$ per month Tiered Pricing


1 - Limited Branding: customer logo and corporate information on the About screen.
2 - Enhanced Branding: additionally includes flexible color palette and font customisation.
3 - Custom Branding - developed by MedM according to customer requirements.



MedM Care can be used in remote patient monitoring programs with as few as 10 patients (health records) with a fixed per patient per month cost and no setup fee. Monitoring programs can be set up and launched in less than a day, allowing patients to leverage the health monitoring devices they already use at home. This RPM SaaS tool supports measurements and medication reminders, configurable thresholds for readings, customizable notifications, and it can also track the time spent by staff on remote physiologic monitoring of patients for billing and reimbursement purposes in accordance with CPT codes. 


Supported Measurement Types: 
1. Blood Pressure 
2. Blood Glucose 
3. Blood Cholesterol 
4. Blood Lactate 
5. Blood Uric Acid 
6. Blood Ketone 
7. Weight 
8. Blood Coagulation 
9. Activity 
10. ECG 
11. Sleep 
12. Motion/Pedometer 
13. Fetal Doppler 
14. Heart Rate 
15. Oxygen Saturation 
16. Spirometry 
17. Temperature 
18. Respiration Rate