What Is a MedM Care Code? How to Get One?

MedM Care codes are used to connect monitored individuals with their monitoring service providers. Codes are communicated to individual users by the operator of their specific health monitoring program and need to be entered on the welcome screen of the MedM Care app at setup.


Where Do I Get a Code to Access My Health Monitoring Service?

If you do not have a code - please contact your health monitoring provider to request one. Please contact MedM support team at support@medm.com with questions on how to apply your code.


Can I Monitor My Health without a Provider or a Code?

Users who do not have a code or a provider are invited to run their own private family health monitoring programs using our MedM Health Diary app with MedM Health Cloud.


Who Can Be a MedM Care Provider?

A range of companies and organizations involved in the healthcare or wellness-related services can act as MedM Care providers:

  • employee wellness programs,
  • wellness and fitness centers,
  • research institutions and universities,
  • senior living communities,
  • rehabilitation centers,
  • mental health and behavioral health providers,
  • government healthcare agencies,
  • occupational health providers,
  • hospitals and healthcare centers,
  • home healthcare agencies,
  • telemedicine and virtual care providers,
  • long-term care facilities,
  • health insurance companies,
  • medical device vendors,
  • pharmaceutical companies and others.


Can I Brand My RPM Service with My Own MedM Care Code?

The MedM Care app can collect health data from users and safely deliver it into RPM portals, hospital dashboards, electronic health records, and other monitoring panels for remote health monitoring purposes. Each MedM Care provider has a unique code, which is communicated to its users in the form of a word, a QR code, or both, along with instructions on how to download and start using a customized version of the MedM Care app.


How To Become a MedM Care Provider?

Organisations interested to start their own remote health monitoring programs using the MedM Care RPM SaaS platform are invited to contact MedM business development team at info@medm.com