Bonuses & More

A major update to MedM's Health Diary app was released at the end of December 2023. Please see our blog post for more information about the 3.0 update, as well as lists of features in the basic and the premium versions.

Benefits & Special Offers

Our new and exising users may qualify for special offers on MedM premium supscription as well as deals on MedM-connected sensors, wearables, and meters from our partners. Be sure to log into your MedM account and stay on the lookout for special offers directly in the app or via the Health Portal.


Also, users who provide MedM with valuable feedback about the use and possible improvements of our apps and/or health monitoring service (by sending us an email at - may receive complimentary annual premium subscription as gratitude. Please note that by sending us feedback you consent to it being used in our marketing materials.