MedM Collaborates with Renesas to Simplify Connected Healthcare Design

September 12, 2017

Menlo Park - CA, September 12, 2017 - MedM today introduced a reference solution to enable the rapid development of Remote Patient Monitoring solutions. Leveraging the Healthcare Meters Kit from Renesas Electronics America Inc., the MedM solution offers a quick path to prototyping and productisation of connected healthcare applications.

For customers who are developing new generation of Bluetooth Smart-enabled activity trackers, pulse oximeters/heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, and blood glucose meters, the solution provided by MedM in collaboration with Renesas is a perfect option for rapid prototyping and development. It is a fully functional reference solution that includes hardware accompanied by software, mobile apps and a cloud back end. It can be easily customized to meet customer needs, and white labeled for quick time to market.

“We are excited about this new collaboration. Together with Renesas, we are bringing a totally new level of mHealth software and hardware integration to the Connected Health market. I would compare it with a meal kit delivery service – very easy and quick to prepare,” said MedM’s COO, Denis Khitrov.

Using the MedM Platform and Renesas Healthcare Meters Kit, new Connected Health products can be developed quickly, easily, and with lower risk. The Renesas Healthcare Meters Kit includes four fully functional models: Activity tracker, heart rate monitor/pulse oximeter, blood glucose meter, and blood pressure monitor, with options for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi or cellular technology. The MedM Health app seamlessly collects data from all sensors included in the Renesas kit and delivers the information via user-friendly dashboards that can serve as a single point of interaction between the physician, caregiver/family and patient, contributing to greater healthcare insights and management.

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About MedM

MedM is a world technology leader in Connectivity and Personal Electronic Health Record platform for Medical Devices and Wearables. MedM Platform is an ultimate software technology for rapid deployment of Remote Patient Monitoring systems and mHealth Solutions. MedM’s software is capable of collecting data from hundreds of medical devices, sensors and wearables manufactured by several dozen vendors. MedM provides reference Remote Patient Monitoring solutions for businesses and great mobile apps for consumers monitoring their personal and family health.

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